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Eden wants more Alone in the Dark

Sequels, DLC likely, 360 demo planned, plus Wii control hints and new gameplay trailer.

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Eden Games hopes to get straight on with another Alone in the Dark game once the current one ships, according to producer Nour Polloni.

Asked whether we'd get to see regular AITD games from now on, rather than having to wait seven years again, Polloni told Eurogamer: "We certainly hope so!

"From our side, it's something we'd love to do and there's already plenty of ideas within the team of where we could take the series next."

Alone in the Dark has been officially delayed until May 2008, but that's just because Atari and Eden want to polish the game properly, says Polloni.

Today Atari released a brand new gameplay footage trailer showing off the game in action.

What's more, there are plans afoot for catching people's attention in May. "There is an Xbox Live demo planned for around the launch of the game but no final date is set at this time," Polloni told Eurogamer.

"As for downloadable content, the format and the story do lend themselves very much to additional episodes delivered [online] and it's something we'll be looking at once the game is released."

We also had a chance to ask about the Wii version, details of which are being kept under wraps for now. We did manage to get a little bit about the controls, though.

"Logically on the Wii, the control system is perfectly adapted to the game concept, whether it be the control of the hero, or the way he interacts with the environment, like for example the manipulation of objects," Polloni said.

Check out our complete interview with Eden Games' Nour Polloni for more on the game.

Alone in the Dark is due out on Xbox 360, PC, PS2 and Wii this May, with a PS3 version also in development.

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