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EA Sports to continue with Madden name

Despite veteran broadcaster's retirement.

Peter Moore has said that EA Sports' American football games will continue to use Madden branding despite the commentator's retirement, announced yesterday.

"We all obviously knew this day would one day come, when John would walk away from the booth, but he certainly leaves a lasting legacy that we're proud to be able to carry on through our Madden NFL videogame franchise for years to come," Moore, president of EA Sports, wrote on his blog.

"As you can imagine, we've had dozens of questions today about what impact John's retirement from NBC will have on EA Sports. I'm pleased that we continue our strong relationship with John and will continue to produce new versions [of] Madden NFL football with his collaboration, including this August with Madden NFL 10."

Speaking to CBS News (thanks GameSpot), Madden himself said he was retiring to spend more time with his family.

Moore's update also spelled out the veteran broadcaster and former coach's dedication to the game series that bears his name. "Our dev team at Tiburon estimates that John has recorded roughly 30,000 lines of commentary for the game over the years," he wrote.

Madden NFL 10 is due out for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PS2 and PSP this August.