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EA "committed to fixing" Star Wars Jedi: Survivor's PC performance woes

Wookie mistakes.

Cal Kestis and BD-1 in Star Wars: Jedi Survivor
Image credit: EA

As Star Wars Jedi: Survivor continues to rack up negative reviews on Steam for its PC performance issues, EA has released a statement to purchasers saying it's "aware [the game] isn't performing to our standards" and insisting it's "committed to fixing these issues".

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor recieved a favourable critical reception earlier this week - Eurogamer called it "really fun" despite a "lack of focus" - but reports of serious PC performance problems soon emerged following today's launch. Currently, the game has a "mostly negative" rating on Steam, with users highlighting poor frame rates, crashes, and more.

Prior to launch, EA had already promised players it would be deploying patches over the next few weeks to fix bugs, improve performance, and expand on accessibility features - hardly an encouraging start for customers expected to pay up to £70 for the game - but now the publisher has addressed Jedi: Survivor's reported PC flaws in more direct terms.

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"We are aware that Star Wars Jedi: Survivor isn't performing to our standards for a percentage of our PC players," the publisher wrote in a statement shared on Twitter, "in particular those with high-end machines or certain specific configurations."

"For example," it continued, "players using cutting-edge, multi-threaded chipsets designed for Windows 11 were encountering problems on Windows 10, or high-end GPUs coupled with lower-performing CPUs also saw unexpected frame loss. Rest assured, we are working to address these cases quickly.

"While there is no single, comprehensive solution for PC performance, the team has been working on fixes we believe will improve performance across a spectrum of configurations. We are committed to fixing these issues as soon as possible, but each patch requires significant testing to ensure we don't introduce new problems."

"Thanks for understanding and apologies to any of our players experiencing these issues," the statement concludes. "We will continue to monitor performance across all platforms and share update timings as soon as it is available."

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor does, of course, continue an unfortunate pattern for recent EA releases on PC. EA Motive's Dead Space remake was marred by what Digital Foundry called "intrusive stutter" when it launched back in January, while the EA-published Wild Hearts - which was immediately criticised for performance problems when in arrived in February - still has critical issues for many PC players over two months on.