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EA on APB: Sometimes ideas are too big

Publisher saddened by Realtime's demise.

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APB publisher Electronic Arts has expressed sadness at the demise of Scottish developer Realtime Worlds.

Realtime recently went into administration following lacklustre sales of online action game APB.

Speaking to Eurogamer at gamescom, EA Partners boss David DeMartini told Eurogamer that he wished Realtime had had more time and funding to realise APB's potential.

"I'm sad," he said. "We had worked on Hellgate a couple of years ago and the situations are not dissimilar.

"Sometimes ideas are too big. We were on the distribution side on both of those.

"It's sad because it affects people's lives. People look at that and are frustrated that it wasn't as good as they had hoped.

"What's really sad is thinking about people who've worked on that game for two or three years. And now they're not going to be working at Realtime Worlds anymore.

"To me that's sad. I wish they had more time. I wish they had more funding to have been able to take that game to where it needed to get to.

"It was absolutely on the track with Davey [Jones] as the creator. But literally it's a situation where they ran out of time and they didn't have what they needed to be able to finish it at the quality level that would have resonated well in the marketplace.

"Because of that a lot of people are taking a big impact. As far as the industry goes that's sad for the industry.

"A lot of people are going to be moving around to other companies and I feel bad about that."

Realtime and APB are in limbo following recent events.

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