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EA dev outs Dead Space 2

Ishimura the scary stuff.

EA technical director Patik Patel may have unwittingly confirmed the existence of a Dead Space sequel.

His LinkedIn profile lists "Dead Space 2/Project ETA", according to Superannuation. This could be Dead Space: Extraction for Wii, although the "ETA" timeframe suggests not. No other details are offered.

This is hardly surprising, as silver-haired EA boss John Riccitiello has talked about Dead Space as "a long-term big winner for us" before. The original survival-horror FPS was also a critical hit for EA, and carries a Eurogamer reader average rating of 8.6 out of 10.

Dead Space: Extraction arrives on Wii this autumn and is shaping up well. Head over to our Dead Space: Extraction preview to find out more.