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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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EA adding more Star Wars Battlefront PC servers and it seems to be working

We're now able to play, are you?

Yesterday, EA's Star Wars Battlefront beta support message was: "A lot of interest around the beta. We're bringing more PC servers online and appreciate your patience." That was 17 hours ago, and whatever EA DICE has done seems to be working - Digital Foundry's Richard Leadbetter, who couldn't find an online server to play on, on PC, most of yesterday, is now playing.

This may not be the same for you, and may have something to do with it being early morning and not prime-time evening. Generally, however, the volume of complaints has dropped off. But again, this may have something to do with the time of day, so please let me know below if you're still struggling to find servers.

When the beta gates opened yesterday and people flooded in, reports of not being able to connect to online servers emerged (there are threads on Reddit and the official forums, and our own forum). And as the game finds matches automatically for you, you either get a game or do not - you have no further control. The problem seemed to be more prevalent on PC but people on PS4 and Xbox One reported it too.

The most up to date response from the EA Star Wars account, posted three hours ago, was: "We're aware that a number of players may be unable to join a Multiplayer match. We're working to resolve that, keep trying." The same message is repeated time and time again. A support site was linked to but ironically won't load for me.

Do bear in mind that the Battlefront servers will have been under immense strain yesterday, and that this is precisely what the beta is trying to test. "DICE is still working on the game and will continue to make tweaks to improve the quality leading to launch," another tweet read. Nevertheless, that will be of scant consolation to those not able to play the game.

My personal experience on PS4 was a rock solid experience and swift matchmaking, albeit on Tuesday and Wednesday before the bulk of people joined in.

What about you - have you been playing? Do you like it? Have you managed to fly a cable around the legs of an AT-AT yet? I came close. You have to wait until the Y-Wings have done their bombing run and the AT-ATs are vulnerable. Then, if you're in an A-Wing - the power-up for which is available late on and towards the rear of the Rebels' spawn - and fly alongside an AT-AT, you'll get a button prompt to trigger the cable-tying mini-game. All you have to do is hold the A-Wing steady, and I couldn't, but I have seen victory as a Rebel, so that's... something.

Around the hour mark is when I jump in.Watch on YouTube