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E3: Gears confirmed for PC

"Surprise." Laughter.

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Microsoft has finally stamped confirmation on Gears of War for PC.

The announcement was coupled with an on-stage demonstration at this morning's E3 conference, lead by game designer Cliff Bleszinksi.

Gears of War for PC will feature five new campaign chapters, a new multiplayer mode, and a new game editor. It will also take advantage of new DirectX 10 technology.

In the demonstration we saw "CliffyB" take on the Brumak monster you saw in the 360 version but never got to fight, using co-operative play over Windows Live. Together with his COG ally Dom he shot the guns off of each of the hulking beast's arms, leaving only the head-cannon remaining. But unfortunately the demo ended there, as Bleszinksi didn't want to give too much away.

Peter Moore also had another secret to spill regarding Gears developer Epic. From now on Games for Windows - Live will be integrated into Unreal Engine 3. Given the widespread licensing of the technology this could prove to be a significant step.

Gears of War is due out on PC this Christmas. Look out for screenshots and movies from E3 later this week.

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