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Dying Light 2 gets new armour and axe as its first bit of free DLC

Part one out now on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

Barely two weeks have gone by since Dying Light 2's arrival, and already developer Techland is embarking on the first steps in its purported five-year journey of post-launch DLC. Things begin with the new Authority Pack, part one of which is available on all platforms from today.

The Authority DLC, as its loosely name implies, brings some new options for those enamoured with Dying Light 2's Peacekeeper faction. This group of former soldiers are sticklers for law and order, and the Authority Pack gives players new armour and a new weapon inspired by their outlook, enabling them to wield some righteous, bludgeoning justice.

Not everything will be available at once, however, with Techland opting to spread its contents across three parts. Part one, which is accessible now, unlocks the first three items in the new Intimidating set: a jacket, some cargo pants, and a pair of high-tops. Part two, which arrives on 16th February, has a further selection of Intimidating goodies, taking the form of new gauntlets, a windbreaker, and leather guards.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human - Authority Pack Free DLC Trailer.Watch on YouTube

Each item gives four percent bonus resistance to damage from human enemies, and completing the whole set gives an additional six percent bonus. Those clamouring for something a little less defensive and whole lot more offensive, meanwhile, will have their prayers answered from Friday, 18th February, courtesy of the new two-handed Authority hammer.

To unlock this first small chunk of free DLC, players will need to visit the Dying Light 2 product page on their platform's store. From here, it's simply a matter of claiming the Authority pack and downloading it to gain access in-game. A second bit of faction-themed DLC, the Ronin pack, will arrive by the same delivery means next week, giving players a sword and outfit they can use to roam the streets as a "masterless samurai".

Dying Light 2 has, of course, got off to a flying start since its launch at the start of the month, with Techland successfully navigating the game's troubled development to deliver an experience worthy of a Eurogamer Recommended badge. The developer's "vast blockbuster buckles under its own ambition and lacks in innovation," said Martin Robison in his review, "but makes up for it with outstanding parkour and combat."