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DualSense controllers are over 25% off at Walmart

It’d be DualSenseless to miss out here.

There’s a veritable, gaudy rainbow of PS5 controllers on offer with Walmart for Black Friday, as each colourway of the DualSense has been reduced to $49.99, knocking $25 off the list price on the newer models.

If you need a second, or just fancy something new and not quite so white, this is the cheapest price we’ve seen so far. Particularly so for the Starlight Blue, Galactic Purple, and Nova Pink models, which are new for 2022.

If news of the DualSense Edge’s retail price is still reeling around your brain, remember you can grab four of these for the cost of one of Sony’s upcoming premium controllers. Whether or not you actually need four is another question entirely though.

You’ve no doubt heard no end of talk about the haptics in these by now, but it bears repeating – the high-definition rumble really does a number on your immersion, as you feel motion pass through the controller in your hands, taking shape to reflect the action on screen. And much like the DS4, Sony stuck with the little speaker in the controller for spatial audio effects, and the touch bar between the face buttons and d-pad.

The DualSense is a solid choice for people looking for a PC controller too, and can be used natively with Steam’s big picture mode. It does require you to install DS4Windows for full functionality, but that’s a straightforward process, and worth the minimal effort.

For UK readers, the Nova Pink model is down to £39.99 on Amazon. You can also grab white controller bundled with Fifa 23 for £69.99. All other variations seem to be sold out at Amazon, but you can pick up the Cosmic Red, Starlight Blue and Nova Pink PS5 controllers from Very for £39.99.

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