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DriveClub VR confirmed for PlayStation VR launch

New tracks confirmed for Evolution Studio's posthumous release.

Evolution Studios may be no more, but we're still going to be treated to one final hurrah for the team with DriveClub VR being confirmed as a PlayStation VR title.

The news comes via a blog post on the official PlayStation blog in Japan, with Evolution Studios' former employee Paul Rustchynsky confirming its launch on Twitter - as well as confirming the existence of new tracks in DriveClub VR. It'll also feature 3D audio, and will be a full-priced release.

As a launch title, DriveClub VR will be out on October 13 alongside Sony's new peripheral. We had a brief look at DriveClub VR last October, and were impressed with what we saw - thanks to a neat trick employed by many VR devs, the game runs at 60fps which is then 'upscaled' to 120fps on the headset, making for a smooth experience.

Cover image for YouTube videoDriveClub: Nilgiri Hills, India - Commentary Free Gameplay! - Eurogamer Preview

Sony shuttered Evolution Studios back in March, though the team was soon absorbed by Codemasters where it's now working on an all-new multiplatform racing IP. Given how good DriveClub ended up being once its launch dramas were over, we can't wait to see what the team's up to next.