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Dragon Quest 11 gets new gameplay, continues to look lovely

Let's go horse riding in a field.

Square Enix Japan has put out a lovely new gameplay video for Dragon Quest 11.

The video, below, shows off field exploration on the PlayStation 4 version of the game. There's a bit of walking and some horse riding. Lovely!

The second half of the video shows off the inside of a town on the Nintendo 3DS version. It also looks lovely!

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Dragon Quest 11 on 3DS offers a split view across the handheld's two screens that allows for both a 2D sprite style as well as a top-down 3D game, with players able to choose between old-school 2D battles or 3D battles by playing with either the d-pad or circle pad. Toy Logic, who previously helped revive Kid Icarus alongside Sora, is helping bring the 3DS Dragon Quest 11 to life.

And here's a cinematic video that focuses on characters in the game. The blue-haired guy is a thief called Camus. The world the game is set within is called Rotozetasia.

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Here are some game details, courtesy of Siliconera:

The story begins when the protagonist turns 16-years-old. He's from a village called Ishi. Camus is a loyal ally of the protagonist. He's described as a bit rude but he has a kind heart.

Dragon Quest 11 is due out in 2017 in Japan for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS. A Nintendo Switch version is also in the works.

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