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Double Dragon 2 remake achievements leak, suggest it will be out soon

After being MIA since 2011.

Nearly two year ago a remake of Double Dragon 2 was announced by Korean studio Barunson Interactive that was supposed to come out autumn of that year. Mysteriously, that never happened and no one heard a peep about the MIA remake, Double Dragon 2: Wander of the Dragons, until now as a series of achievements for it leaked at Xbox360Achievements.

This suggests that the game is not only still underway, but actually on the cusp of release. It's been awhile though, and in the interim we've had WayForward's XBLA and PSN reboot Double Dragon Neon.

As of July 2011 Wander of the Dragons was set to cost 1200 Microsoft Points, though it's unclear if it will still launch for that price after such a delay. In the meantime, check out the nearly two year old footage of the remake below.

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