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Don't Starve Together free for all existing Don't Starve owners

If you bought it before today.

Don't Starve Together, the standalone multiplayer expansion of the survival game, is free for all owners of Don't Starve - if you bought it before today.

If you bought Don't Starve at any time before 3rd June, Don't Starve Together is included. You'll see it in your Steam library. If you bought Don't Starve Together separately before 3rd June, you were given an extra copy at that time and so will not be given another key.

If you buy Don't Starve now (from 3rd June), you have the choice of buying just Don't Starve, or buying Don't Starve along with Don't Starve Together. So, Don't Starve Together is no longer being gifted with new purchases of Don't Starve. Don't Starve Together costs £10.99.

Developer Klei Entertainment launched Don't Starve Together on Steam Early Access in December, and it looks like the game will stay there for a while yet, based on a post on Steam.

"We are not out of Early-Access yet. There are a few reasons for this, mainly because we decided to add many more features to the game such as the addition of Reign of Giants DLC content and additional new features specifically made for multiplayer," the developer explained.

Don't Starve Together includes almost everything from Don't Starve, including content from the Reign of Giants expansion. However, caves are not in Don't Starve Together yet "due to technical limitations".

"This is one of our current focuses in development right now, we should have more info on that pretty soon," Klei said.

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