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DMC4 dev avoids other games

Hasn't played God of War/Gaiden.

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Devil May Cry 4 producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi thinks it's actually best that game developers keep their eyes on their own work and don't play competitors' games.

Asked for his thoughts on Ninja Gaiden and God of War by Level Up, Kobayashi said he hadn't played either. When pressed for why, he explained:

"I don't have the time to play a lot of games these days, so that certainly is a problem. But as a creator, I think it's best if you don't. If you play another game and you see something in it then you kind of can't use it anymore."

"So I think it's kind of best to keep your distance from that. Instead of other rival games, I prefer to get my inspiration from animated movies and other things like that," he said, having earlier added, "I do think that the people who make those games pay a lot of attention to what we're doing."

So what are they doing? Well, they are not struggling with the transition to PS3, he says. "As you know, we did originally plan to have this title just on PS3, but actually the development was done on a PC, not on a particular console.

"So because it's all done on the makes it very easy to move it put it on the 360 and use the power of that machine, or to put it on the PS3 and use the power of that machine, each in different ways. It's really pretty easy to do it, developing it from this PC base."

So that's good then. For more on DMC4, which is due out next February, by all means check out our first impressions and our own interview with Kobayashi. Go on - we won't stop you.

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