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Grab the excellent Logitech MX Mechanical Mini for £121 from Amazon

A marvellous low profile mechanical office keyboard.

If you're after a smart and low-profile mechanical keyboard with a space-saving layout, then you may want to give this deal a look. The MX Mechanical Mini is down to £121 at Amazon UK at the moment, netting you a good discount from its usual list price.

Much like the non-mechanical MX Keys Mini I featured a few days ago, this mechanical variant offers a smaller, space-saving layout. It provides you with more essential functions to go alongsid the usual alphanumeric keys including arrow keys and a function row, but does without the nav cluster and a dedicated number pad. That extra space not only gives you more real estate for your mouse, but also can improve ergonomics. It brings your mouse hand, arm and shoulder all into line, as opposed to having them stretched out to one side. It's this consideration which has made excellent 65 percent keyboards such as the MX Mechanical Mini so popular in the last few years.

This particular variant packs in Logitech's Tactile Quiet switches, although it is also possible to get it with linear and clicky variants, too. These, in essence, are low profile brown switches. I'm pretty familar with them as sometimes I've used the MX Mechanical Mini for work. They're not a bad switch, providing the best of both worlds in terms of a soft tactile bump and a light actuation force. You also get a shorter travel here, giving you a snappier keypress than standard full-size switches. There are also some solid connectivity options on offer, as the MX Mechanical Mini functions via both Bluetooth and the 2.4GHz receiver on up to three devices. That's handy for power users, or those who just want one keyboard for multiple systems.

The keys on offer are also backlit, meaning the MX Mechanical Mini is also suitable for after-dark working as much as for use during the day. This backlighting is also smart to a degree, and automatically adjusts itself to suit the lighting conditions of where you happen to be, and it also lights up when it senses your hands over the keyboard. It's certainly clever, but it can take a toll on the 'board's battery life. For reference, it lasts for 15 days on a full charge with backlighting on, and up to 10 months with it off - that's some serious endurance.

If you have been on the lookout for a capable low profile mechanical keyboard that's going to be more than suitable for office duties for pretty reasonable money, this Logitech MX Mechanical Mini deal from Amazon is for you.

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