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Don some serious retro vibes with these £15 translucent Steam Deck backplates

We can't let the Deck OLED have all the fun.

jsaux back plate for steam deck in multiple colours
Image credit: Jsaux/Digital Foundry

The Black Friday 2023 deals have come earlier than ever and those looking to spruce up their Steam Decks are in luck. You can now pick up a lovely transparent Jsaux backplate in six colours (!) for £15. For this price, just use the 20 percent off voucher on the product page. This is the perfect upgrade for helping to ease any Steam Deck OLED envy.

The Jsaux offerings are highly reminiscent of the design language found in electronics in the late 90s and early 2000s such as the translucent 'Atomic Purple' Game Boy or the 'Bondi-Blue' iMac G3.

Will also reports that the thermal pads included on the backplate seem to keep the 'Aerith' APU a little cooler thanks to their integrated heat pad, so this serves a performance upgrade as well as a cosmetic one. This nostalgia-fest is sure to bring a grin to your face - it certainly did for us.

There are six different colours available to choose from (Will went for green), so you're bound to find something to like. If you're worried about investing in your LCD Deck almost two years on from its launch - fret not as a Steam Deck 2 is some years off.

If you'd like to use it at home then you can pick up a great deal on Jsaux's Steam Deck dock too as well as more great Steam Deck accessories.

It's currently unclear if the backplate is compatible with the OLED model as though the screw arrangement is the same, the cooling solution has been significantly redesigned and the air intake placement may not be optimal - so this is probably best reserved for the original LCD Steam Deck until its compatibility has been confirmed.

If you're going to be opening up your Steam Deck, you might also want to check out the best Steam Deck SSDs to upgrade your storage while you're at it. Make sure the Micro-SD card slot is empty before taking the backplate off though, as otherwise it will be snapped in half. A perfect opportunity to get the best Steam Deck Micro-SD card, then!

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