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Give your Xbox Series X/S an extra 1TB of game storage for 30% off today

The Seagate Expansion Card is back down to its lowest ever price.

In need of some more storage for your Xbox? The official Seagate 1TB Xbox Expansion Card is back down to £179 at Amazon, the lowest price it's been for ages and actually a little bit less than the same card cost during Black Friday last year.

First and foremost, you're getting an extra 1TB of space, which, if you've got a Series X, more than doubles your game storage space as the console only has 802GB of usable space out of the box. Better still, for those with a Series S, you'll have more than three times the total storage compared to the standard 512GB SSD inside Microsoft's more affordable console, of which just 364GB is available for games.

Installing the drive is dead simple too - just take off the protective cap and plug it into the large port marked 'storage expansion' on the back of your Series X or Series S console. The drive will automatically be recognised by your device, and you can choose to automatically install games there - or move games between the internal storage and the Expansion Card.

It's also worth noting that the card is plug and play, so you can actually load it up with games, then bring it to another Xbox Series console and play all of the games on the drive without having to install them again - neat. This is great if you have two Xbox consoles, or just want to share some games when you visit a friend. (Load it up with Gang Beasts, and you're well on your way to being the life of the party.)

While you can also add extra storage space via USB drives, these slower external SSDs and HDDs can't play Xbox Series X/S games - just older generation titles via back compat. Here though, you get a drive that's just as fast as the one inside the Series X and Series S, allowing to play Xbox Series optimised games using Xbox's Velocity Architecture as well as older titles.

For £179, the Seagate Expansion Card is more expensive than the wide range of equivalently-sized SSDs that work in the Sony PS5, but it's still the best price we've seen for some time - and at least you don't have to take the console apart to add more storage.