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Grab a pair of excellent monitors for less from Dell with some solid discounts

Choose from a £130 value hero or DF's top gaming monitor pick overall.

A 27-inch gaming monitor perhaps provides the ideal screen size for most games and that's certainly evident with this pair of deals on Dell monitors, with both a solid 1080p 165Hz choice and Digital Foundry's favourite gaming monitors.

The Dell G2722HS is a 27 inch 1080p 165Hz display, offering a considerable boost in size and refresh rate over monitors at a similar price range. The G2722HSS also comes with support for both Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, which should offer a tear-free gaming experience on any PC, and a 165Hz refresh rate should also allow you to gain the upper hand in competitive titles such as CS:GO or Dota 2. The monitor also comes with an IPS panel, meaning it offers better viewing angles and colours than the TN panels that are more common in this price category. This makes the G2722HS a great all-rounder, for both gaming and content creation.

The Dell S2721DGFA is our other solid choice in this pair of monitor deals, which will currently run you £259 from Dell directly thanks to a £70 markdown on its list price. It's actually Digital Foundry's favourite gaming monitor, and for good reason, too. This comes especially thanks to its fast Nano IPS panel that combines the benefits of IPS and TN panels: the wide viewing angles and marvellous colour reproduction of an IPS option, alongside the fast response times, low input lag and superior motion handling that's more usually associated with TN displays.

In addition, the S2721DGFA features both FreeSync and G-Sync, for eliminating tearing, and a 165Hz refresh rate for smoother output. There is also HDR support, although the monitor's 350 nits of quoted total brightness means it doesn't get bright enough to make HDR truly impactful. As is typical for Dell monitors too, the S2721DGFA is also rather sleek looking with thin bezels and a cool looking outer shell, and comes with an especially adjustable stand, as well as a solid on-screen display with options ranging from standard configs to specifc options designed for different game genres, and a stand that offers rotation, height adjustment, tilt and swivel.

Whether you'd like an especially affordable 1080p 27-inch panel with the G272HSS or a super-fast 1440p Nano IPS option with the S2721DGFA, this pair of Dell monitor deals is sure to float your boat if you're after a new one before the Black Friday rush begins.

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