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Digital Extremes working on Darkness 2?

So suggests artist's CV.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

If a game artist's curriculum vitae unearthed by net sleuth superannuation is to be believed, The Darkness 2 is in development with Canadian studio Digital Extremes.

Emmanuel Pappas' CV - which now seems to have been taken offline - said he was "Texture Artist, Prop and Environment Artist, Team lead - Mansion" for "Darkness 2".

A sequel to the 2007 first-person adventure, based on the Top Cow comics, has long been discussed - but Starbreeze Studios, the developer of the original, has said it won't be making it.

Digital Extremes has worked as a co-developer with Epic on the Unreal games, and with 2K Games' internal studios on the BioShock games. It also made 2008 third-person actioner Dark Sector all on its lonesome.

Digital Extremes' recent relationship with 2K, which holds the publishing rights to The Darkness, lends some credibility to this report. Of course, its history of co-development doesn't rule out the possibility that another studio is also making The Darkness 2. More when we hear it.

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