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DICE now has "no time" for projects like Mirror's Edge, as it commits solely to Battlefield

"This is what we want to do."

Don't expect to see anything from DICE that isn't Battlefield in the near future, the company has said.

Doubling down on its commitment to the Battlefield franchise - and fixing the recent embattled Battlefield 2042 in particular - DICE has ruled out a return for any of its other franchises for now.

Speaking to Eurogamer sister site, DICE's recently-appointed general manager Rebecka Coutaz confirmed any project such as Mirror's Edge was currently sat on the backburner.

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"Totally," Coutaz said. "We are only focusing on Battlefield 2042. There is no time for anything else and this is what we want to do.

"In three years, we want to be the first-person shooter powerhouse that DICE deserves to be, and that is what we're going for."

DICE has focused heavily on the Battlefield franchise in recent years, though released Star Wars Battlefront and its sequel in 2015 and 2017, respectively.

In 2016, DICE released Mirror's Edge Catalyst, a reboot of its cult parkour action series.

Now, all of DICE is focused on the Battlefield franchise - including its main team in Stockholm and the Los Angeles-based Ripple Effect, plus a growing Seattle studio formed by Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto, and mobile developer Industrial Toys, which is developing a Battlefield game for smartphones.

Yesterday, Eurogamer published its own interview with Coutaz where she made DICE's commitment to Battlefield 2042 clear.

"We owe that to our community that have followed us for 20 years, we owe that to our players and we owe that to ourselves," Coutaz said.

"I don't want to talk about revenge because that word is too strong - but you know we cannot let ourselves down. And we cannot let our players down. So our focus is on Battlefield 2042."

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