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Devastating Dragon Ball FighterZ combo is literally over 9000

Actually, it's 10,000.

Arc System Works' superb fighting game Dragon Ball FighterZ (it really is great - check out my review for more) has been out for a handful of days now, and so advanced players are starting to get to grips with its thrilling combo system, pulling off high-damage, multi-string attacks that incorporate assists and burn plenty of super meter.

Now, one player has taken this to the next level, nailing a combo that literally does over 9000 points of damage. In fact, it does 10,000 points of damage - downing a character with full health.

William Peter Hjelte, better known as Leffen, is a Swedish professional Super Smash Bros. Melee player who has taken to Dragon Ball FighterZ and discovered a "one touch kill" with his team: Android 18, Beerus and Vegeta.

So, what's going on here? Leffen uses Android 18 to get the combo going, incorporating assists to keep her opponent in the air, thus extending the duration and number of hits, before working the enemy character into the corner of the screen, where the air combo is extended again. Then the supers kick in - first Android 18's, then Beerus' (with an extra bar of super meter burned to extend) and finally Vegeta's level three combo to finish. All told, the 95-hit combo does enough damage to down Android 21.

Now, it's worth pointing out that this combo was done in Dragon Ball FighterZ' training mode - not online against a human opponent - and it's situational. It uses six bars of super meter (you can have a maximum of seven) as well as the spark recovery mechanic, known as sparking (in a normal match the spark's damage boost wouldn't last as long as it does here). But it's certainly eye-catching!

Leffen's isn't the only "touch of death" combo found in Dragon Ball FighterZ so far. Tien can do over 10,000 points of damage without the help of other characters, which you can see in the video below (thanks, zepekit!).

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What's cool, though, is players are delving deep into Dragon Ball FighterZ's super fun combo system, which is both accessible and packed with depth, and coming up with awesome results. And with seven super combo bars to play with, players are sure to put together even more elaborate combos in the months to come.

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