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Deus Ex Go becomes unplayable in January, even if you paid for it

Embracer will remove access to mobile puzzler.

Deus Ex Go will become unplayable from 4th January - even if you bought the game and have it downloaded to your phone.

The well-received mobile puzzler, one of a series launched by Square Enix and based on popular franchises such as Tomb Raider and Hitman, is among a number of mobile games now owned by mega-publisher Embracer.

This morning, Embracer announced its decision to shut down Deus Ex Go for good, as well as free-to-play titles Arena Battle Champions, Hitman Sniper: The Shadows and Space Invaders: Hidden Heroes.

Cover image for YouTube videoDeus Ex GO - Reveal Trailer
Deus Ex Go.

As of today, Deus Ex Go remains on sale via the iPhone App Store and Google Play, priced at £4.49 and £5.99 respectively. There is no warning on either storefront that the game will soon become inaccessible.

"The games will be removed from the App Store/Google Play Store on 1st December, and current players will not be able to access the games past 4th January," a statement posted to Twitter today revealed.

"Effective immediately, in-game purchases are stopped. We encourage prior in-game purchases to be used before 4th January, as they will not be refunded."

The above statement was posted by Embracer's Studio Onoma - the developer of Deus Ex Go formerly known as Square Enix Montreal - which is also shutting down.

Embracer completed its purchase of various Square Enix studios, including Square Enix Montreal, Tomb Raider maker Crystal Dynamics and Deus Ex developer Eidos Montreal, at the end of August.

Studio Onoma's rebranding was announced last month - its new title inspired by the Greek word for name, as "names offer endless possibilities".

Studio Onoma's closure was announced just two weeks later - reportedly as part of a larger pivot by Embracer away from mobile development.

Eurogamer has today asked Embracer why it is making Deus Ex Go inaccessible, and what this decision means for other games in the Go series.

"Deus Ex Go isn't really Deus Ex, but it understands what's great about it," our Christian Donlan wrote of the game.