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Destiny's Mercury Lighthouse goes dark for good in August

No Land Beyond.

Destiny will lock the doors to its Mercury Lighthouse location following the weekend of 11th August.

The Lighthouse holds exclusive loot - and it's also your only time you're able to see some of Mercury not in a PVP match.

The game's final Trials of Osiris tournament will be held then - and so it'll be the last time to win entry to the elusive in-game location.

You can only access the secret social space on Mercury by obtaining a flawless win in the Trials multiplayer tournament which runs most weekends. That means seven wins in a row and no losses, although in-game items can help speed you through.

Still, it's a prestigious location - many players have never seen it. (Despite hundreds of in-game hours clocked, I have not. Neither has Wes or Martin.)

Destiny will also wrap up its monthly Iron Banner tournament around the same time - the week of 1st August.

"Our two competitive end game experiences will be going into hibernation before reemerging to spread their beautiful wings in unexpected ways in Destiny 2," Bungie informed players on its blog.

Weekly playlists, raid challenges, arena rotations, Armsday orders and Xûr will all continue unchanged.

Destiny 1 players who continue their account in Destiny 2 will, as detailed before, be leaving their loot inventories behind. But you'll get a number of player emblems for completing challenges through Destiny 1's first three years to show off your achievements.

Seven emblems will be available - for completing at least one of each year's Moments of Triumph achievements, for completing them all, and for collecting more than 5000 Grimoire score.

There will be other things for Destiny 1 players too, but Bungie said it will leave these for players to discover.

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