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Destiny players are reviving an old Omnigul exploit to level-up in time for the Rise of Iron raid

Live. Die. Repeat.

Destiny has a proud history when it comes to exploits. There was the loot cave. Then there was the Three of Coins exotic engram exploit. And who can forget turning the internet off in order to beat Crota? Now, players have revived another, old exploit most agree offers the quickest way to level up in the post-Rise of Iron game.

Rise of Iron, which went live this week, increases Destiny's light level cap from 335 to 385. Players are frantically trying to increase their light level to at least 360 in order to be "raid ready". Rise of Iron's new raid goes live at 6pm UK time tonight.

Now, the community has realised that perhaps the quickest and easiest way to hit 360 is to revive an old exploit in The Will of Crota strike, which was added to the game with The Dark Below expansion in 2014.

Here's how you do it: set the strike to 320 light difficulty, start the mission, then work your way to the room just before you first encounter the boss, Omnigul.

You'll want this baby.

It's here that you really could do with a couple of Hunters in your Fireteam, as the Nightstalker subclass comes into its own. The Shadowshot super is used to stun Omnigul, preventing her from making her escape up the hill.

The idea is that one player tethers Omnigul as everyone does as much damage as possible, then another player tethers her just as the first tether expires. Keep the damage high, perhaps with the new year three Gjallarhorn or an exotic sword, and you can down Omnigul before she can make her escape. Just remember to bring along plenty of heavy ammo synthesis.

Obviously, the strike was never meant to be played this way. You're not meant to kill Omnigul at this stage in the mission. But you can, and if you can do something to get ahead in Destiny, you better believe players will do it.

So, once you've killed Omnigul, have the Fireteam wipe. The game spawns you back to the point just before you take her on, leaving you free to go again.

Omnigul counts as a boss even at this early stage in the strike, so she drops blue engrams up to 365 light. Kill Omnigul, level up slightly, rinse and repeat.

This exploit is perfect for levelling up because Omnigul drops items at a slightly higher light level than your Guardian. Don't bother using them to infuse what you're already using. Just equip the blues so you increase your light level before the next kill. If you can get efficient with this exploit, you can reach level 365 in a matter of hours.

This is a much easier and faster method of levelling up than the new Heroic strike playlist, for example, and it's easy to see why so many Destiny players are making use of it.

So yeah, if you fancy getting raid ready in time for the weekend, perhaps this exploit is your best shot. Just be warned: I wouldn't be surprised if Bungie issues a hotfix that removes Omnigul's boss status this early in the strike.

The video, below, goes into detail on how to farm Omnigul.

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