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Destiny 2 Pre Astyanax IV god roll and drop location

A powerful bow for skilled hands.

Pre Astyanax IV is a legendary bow in Destiny 2 that debuted during the Season of the Witch.

This Combat Bow does Solar Damage, making it particularly effective against enemies matching that shield time, like the Hive Wizard in the Crota’s End raid.

This page will detail how to get Pre Astyanax IV in Destiny 2, and what to look for for a Pre Astyanax IV God Roll.

On this page:

How to get Pre Astyanax IV in Destiny 2

Pre Astyanax IV is one of the Nightfall Weapons. Earning this bow is a combination of scheduling and luck.

Every week a different weapon is featured in the Nightfall Weapon rotation. Running the Nightfall while a weapon is active is the only way to have a chance at earning one.

You can run the Nightfall multiple times to earn it. You can also increase the difficulty of the Nightfall to raise the odds of the featured weapon dropping. Completing a Grandmaster difficulty Nightfall can also drop an adept version, which has an additional mod slot and slightly better stats.

Pre Astyanax IV god roll recommendation in Destiny 2

Pre Astyanax IV is a Combat Frame bow. These are designed to fire slower and hit harder than other bows. The 'god roll', or ideal version of Pre Astyanax IV has perks to increase the rate of fire while also taking advantage of the sustained precision damage bows are capable of.

Here is our recommended Pre Astyanax IV god roll in Destiny 2:

  • Elastic String
  • Compact Arrow Shaft
  • Archers Tempo
  • Precision Instrument
  • Vanguard Vindication

Elastic String is there for one thing: to get your shots out faster. This bow packs a punch, and more punches in this case is a good thing.

Compact Arrow Shaft increases your fire rate more by decreasing reload speed. For a bow this is the time it takes to nock the next arrow after firing. As an added bonus, this come with improved handling, which is great for the 'feel' of firing the bow.

Archer’s Tempo is something we almost always recommend on bows. Precision hits, which bows are great at, decrease draw time. This stacks with Elastic String, so if you are hitting your head shots you will have a great chance to channel your inner Legolas and become an arrow slinging machine.

Precision Instrument is the final piece to the rapid precision hit combo. Chaining precision hits adds an increasing damage bonus to further precision hits. Rapid fire head shots that get faster and more damaging is a great recipe for taking out enemies fast.

Vanguard Vindication is great if you are rapidly mopping up weak enemies, something this build accels at. Every final blow refills a small amount of health. Rapid fire precision kills equals a constant stream of incoming health. Excellent for keeping you in the fight so your precision hit perks stay active.

As per usual, once you have your preferred roll, be sure to upgrade it to a Masterwork to give it a stat boost, ability to generate Orbs on multi-kills, and add the option of a kill tracker!

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