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Demo Derby-style Dirt Showdown announced

Coming May 2012, to complement Dirt 4.

Codemasters has Demolition Derby-style racing game Dirt Showdown. It's due out for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in May 2012.

This is an additional release in the Dirt series - there will still be a Dirt 4.

As such, Showdown is free to pursue new things - things like smashing and crashing, gymkhana, pyrotechnics and screeching crowds.

There's stunt-focused racing, standard racing and demolition-obsessed racing. The simple goal of one demolition races is to smash every other car on the track. Lovely.

Handling has been simplified. It allows stunts - one of the pillars of Showdown - to be performed more easily.

Modes are available offline, in single-player or split-screen, and online, in multiplayer for up to eight people.

Showdown also has multiplayer challenge features that work in a similar way to the renowned Autolog system from Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit.

There will be three types of vehicles to pick from: racing (includes muscle cars, SUVs), Hoonigan (includes Ken Block's Fiesta) and Demolition (strong, powerful vehicles).

There's a video of Dirt Showdown on GameSpot.

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