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Deadly Premonition coming to Europe

Costs 25 quid.

Xbox 360 exclusive survival horror game Deadly Premonition will be released in Europe this autumn.

Publisher Rising Star Games will sell it on these shores for £25.

We reviewed the US version in April, awarding it an impressive 7/10.

"It's the Amy Winehouse of videogames: rambling and incoherent, a bit of a mess and not much to look at, but with a unique and distinctive voice that's very hard to ignore," wrote Chris Schilling for Eurogamer.

"We have high hopes for what can only be described as the most distinctive survival horror game that has ever been released," said Rising Star's managing director Martin Defries.

"It's going to be interesting to see how the game is received over here. It's a cult classic in the making."

What is Deadly Premonition? "It's an open world game set in a secluded rural town in North West America," says the official blurb.

"Playing as FBI Special Agent Francis York, gamers are charged with investigating the shocking, ritualistic and brutal murder of a local girl."

Remind you of anything, Twin Peaks fans?