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Dead Rising plays dress-up

New costumes to download.

To celebrate Dead Rising selling over one million copies, Capcom has decided to release some new costumes, themes and pictures on Xbox Live.

The fresh duds consist of a white suit, a stripey outfit, and an accountant getup. All are free and will show up in-game after you download the key for each. It's important to look good when stomping through hordes of enemies, you know.

Both of the Jack & Comic and Image Board themes will set you back 150 points, however, or you can fork out 50 points for a Rat Man or Cute picture pack.

Dead Rising was released last September on Xbox 360 and earned itself fifth place in our game of the year awards. It puts you in the shoes of photographer Frank, who soon finds himself in a Dawn of the Dead inspired zombie outbreak. Tongue-in-cheek prevails throughout, and the assortment of gory accessories you can tackle the shambling undead with is utterly delectable.

It's dirt-cheap these days, just GBP 17.99 on, so we thoroughly suggest you give it a go.

Head over to our Dead Rising review if you're still not convinced.

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