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Dead by Daylight to get Stranger Things update

You can play as Steve!

Netflix has set up yet another collaboration for its hit show Stranger Things, with an update inspired by the show coming to Dead by Daylight next month.

Last month, we saw Stranger Things themed portals crop up in Fortnite in time for the release of the third season of the show. Now, in perhaps a more appropriately-themed game, we'll get to play as a much scarier version of the Demogorgon.

Cover image for YouTube videoDead by Daylight Stranger Things Trailer

The update will feature the Demogorgon as a new killer, Nancy and Steve as new survivors, and even adds the Hawkins National Laboratory: The Underground Complex as a new map.

There's no set release date or price info out yet, but we do know the gates to the Upside Down will be opening in Dead by Daylight at some point this September.