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DC Universe Online given firm date

PS3 version won't require PS Plus.

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Sony Online Entertainment's superhero MMO DC Universe Online, based on the comics world of Superman, Batman and co., will launch on 2nd November this year.

The firm launch date was revealed by Jim Lee, the comics artist overseeing the enterprise, at a Comic-Con panel, GameSpot reports.

The panel also revealed that the PS3 version of the game - it's planned to launch simultaneously on the Sony console and on PC - would not require a PlayStation Plus subscription to play.

Players will create their own superheroes to inhabit the DC Universe and interact with the likes of the Flash, Green Lantern and even lesser characters like Ambush Bug and Egg Fu. But they will also be able to take control of DC's most famous heroes in an in-game battle simulator, the panel revealed.

A lavish, dramatic new CG trailer for the game was also shown, featuring an all-star DC cast battling it out in a ruined city. You can view it over on GameTrailers.

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