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DC Universe coming in "early 2010"

Maybe even late next year for super MMO.

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Comics writer Geoff Johns, currently working on the script for Sony Online Entertainment's licensed superhero MMO DC Universe Online, has said the developer is working towards an early 2010 release - if not earlier.

"It launches I think in early 2010, it could be late 2009," Johns said in an interview with MTV.

DC Universe Online is in development for PC and PS3 at SOE's Austin studio, which also works on Star Wars Galaxies.

Johns also mentioned that he'd be going deep into the DC universe and unearthing some of its less well-known characters.

"Everyone knows Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, but this game gets you more entrenched in the universe. You meet the Metal Men, or Doom Patrol, and everyone gets a chance to embody something different," he said.

"I like the idea that your secret identity is really outside the computer. You're a normal guy, and then when you log on to the game, you become the superhero."

Johns also made it clear that he's not writing the whole the game - which, he reckons, would drive him to suicide.

"I've written the overall story and the path that gets you into the game and the areas of the universe and how to explore them, but not every line of dialogue. That's a full-time job, it's too frigging big, too intense to write every line of an MMO. I'd probably jump off a building," he said.

You can find more on the game, including our hands-on preview, at the DC Univserse Online gamepage.

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