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Dawn of Heroes coming to DS this year

Majesco to publish new tactical RPG.

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Majesco has picked up the publishing rights to Dawn of Heroes, a tactical RPG for Nintendo DS.

The game is said to combine traditional RPG elements such as character development, quests, combat and puzzles with "a humorous style". There are more than 50 playable missions, six unique factions and 25 playable classes.

Dawn of Heroes is set in the endangered Kingdom of Brimthule. The king has sacrificed himself in order to trap the great beast Ragnakore in stone, but all manner of curses, monsters and misfortunes have emerged since. Your job is to sort it all out, obviously.

Expect 3D visuals, touch screen controls and a head-to-head multiplayer mode that lets you trade items. There are also "two features designed to build a community of worldwide heroes", whatever that means.

Dawn of Heroes will be released in Europe later this year.

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