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Dante's Inferno demo on the way

Gates of Hell to open this December.

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A playable demo for poetic new adventure game Dante's Inferno is due to be released next month.

Titled Gates of Hell, the demo will follow Dante as he journeys from the surface all the way to the, well, Gates of Hell. Expect healthy dollops of hacking and slashing before you take on Death himself. Your mission will be to win his scythe, the only tool capable of tearing open the aforementioned Gates.

"Our main goal from the start of this project has been to create a journey that will make gamers truly feel like they are going through hell," said executive producer Jonathan Knight, who must be confident that quote won't return to haunt him when the reviews come out.

"The demo will give everyone some insight into how we are treating the story and a taste of the gameplay. And with nine more circles of hell to explore once the game comes out in February, we are literally just scratching the surface."

Dante's Inferno will launch for Xbox 360, PS3 and PSP on 12th February in Europe. The demo will only be available for the 360 and PS3.

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