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Cyberpunk 2077's star car just popped up in Forza Horizon 4


UPDATE 12.30AM UK: As expected, the Cybercar was announced at tonight's Game Awards. It didn't win any awards itself, but it will be made available free in Forza Horizon 4 later today (11th December).

ORIGINAL STORY 12.00PM UK: I've only spent a couple of hours with Cyberpunk 2077, but I'm in love with its cars already - modelled on 80s era heroes and augmented as much as the citizens of Night City, they're fast becoming my favourite thing about CD Projekt's epic open world RPG. So I'm quite excited at the prospect of being able to take the game's star steed, the Quadra, for a spin in Forza Horizon 4, something which looks like being a very imminent possibility.

Keen-eyed Redditor acreamymeme spotted the 2058 Quadra in Forza Horizon 4 in the wake of the recent big Super 7 update that launched this week (as originally reported by Destructoid), and it looks like it's been sneaked into the game ahead of an official reveal at tonight's Game Awards show. While it's not available in the wider game - yet - it is possible to get behind the wheel of the Quadra in the new Super 7 mode that introduces obstacles and player-crafted challenges to Forza Horizon 4.

Tonight's The Game Awards kicks off at midnight, and I'm sure we'll learn more about this all during the show. You can join us all for all the festivities live on the site later tonight.