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Cyberpunk 2077 shows off its fast cars and fancy clothes in latest livestream

Oh, and a little bit about bikes.

With Night City's gangs and streets now suitably aired, CD Projekt Red has turned its attention to clothes and cars (and a little bit on bikes) as part of its ongoing series of informative pre-launch videos, with off-road and off-rack details ensuing.

Cars, or "chill rides to get around fast", as CD Projekt calls them, will all fall into a number of distinct classes, and each will "not only look unique but...deliver a unique driving experience".

At the bottom of end of the scale is the functional, if not exactly eye-catching, Economy class - full of "utility vehicles and low-end clunkers" - which includes the likes of the Archer, Thornton, and the delightfully compact Makigai.

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Executive vehicles take a "no expense spared, no frill ignored" approach with the latest tech, and Heavy Duty vehicles, which include the likes of trucks and tanks, feature "masterful engineering and masterful design" specialising in power and brute force.

For those that prefer speed and style above all else, there are Sports cars - intended for "street racing, running from the NCPD, or just showing off on the streets" - which feature powerful engines and exchangeable parts, while Hypercars prioritise speed and armour, featuring precise body work, built-in lidar arrays, and "really expensive materials". Johnny Silverhand, incidentally, drives a 1977 Porsche 911.

CD Projekt notes that cars can either be purchased or stolen (and can be summoned anywhere once acquired), with brand-new vehicles looking slicker and running better than the junk counterparts you're more liable to find in less reputable areas of Night City.

It's also confirmed that races are in, with different locations bringing their own demands; Badlands tournaments might, for instance, require vehicles with additional exterior protection, while Night City races call for the hottest wheels.

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Bikes, meanwhile, are all based on designs by Keanu Reeves' motorcycle company Arch, which got a lengthy sequence of its own during CD Projekt's livestream.

And for those looking to show off their style outside their vehicles, CD Projekt has also highlighted the four main fashion trends embedded in local culture. There's Kitsch (fashion with a focus on neon hair, illuminated tattoos, and chrome), the "who cares" chic of Entropism, Neomilitarism's "deadly elegance without ostentation", and Neokitsch - like the old kitsch, but with a "fresh new look".

As ever, you'll be able to experience all this first-hand when the long-awaited Cyberpunk 2077 arrives for Xbox One, Xbox X/S, PS4, PS5, Stadia, and PC on 19th November.

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