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Cyberpunk 2077 takes a tour of Night City and its gangs in two new trailers

Plus PC specs revealed.

Cyberpunk 2077's 19th November launch date is rapidly closing in, which, as you might expect, means CD Projekt's steady stream of reveals continues; and this time the developer has offered a closer look at Night City itself, as well as its gangs, in its latest livestream.

We've seen Night City before, of course, but CD Projekt has taken some time to explain the design ethos behind its impressive world, saying the city - the "star of Cyberpunk 2077" in many ways - has been created to be both believable and varied enough that each district distinct is fun to explore. You can see some of the sights in the accompanying trailer.

Using the real-life geography of the Californian coast as a starting point, CD Projekt says it built Night City (what it calls "easily the most complex thing" it's worked on) by mapping out its essential functions - its ports, industrial areas, and trade hubs - before breaking them down further into six districts, each with their own architectural styles, inhabitants, and more. Even the streets have been individually named.

The aim, it says, was to create a "super organic" space, with a layout that feels like it grew in phases, with buildings piled on top of each other - creating an extremely vertical construct that radically impacts how it can be explored. Rather than the straight-line style of exploration predominant in The Witcher, where players simply point themselves toward an interesting landmark on the horizon, CD Projekt says exploration in Night City is more intimate, and moment-to-moment, hopefully with a surprise around every corner.

That, of course, includes the various gangs of Night City, which take the spotlight in CD Projekt's second trailer of the day. Each gang - from the Valentinos and Voodoo Boys to the Animals and Wraiths - has its own beliefs and outlook (as well as its own home turf) influencing how its members behave during encounters and, perhaps more importantly, the goodies you'll be able to procure from them.

Gangs will rear their heads during quests, jobs, or simply while out exploring the streets, and while you won't be able to join them (CD Projekt says nobody is trustful of your mercenary nature, so you'll mostly be hanging out with fellow mercs at the Afterlife bar), they're well worth seeking out. That's because each gang has its own themed weapons, items, clothing, and vehicles (think cars, motorbikes) that players can acquire and deploy during their adventure.

That's not quite it for Cyberpunk 2077 news either; CD Projekt has also shared the game's minimum and recommended specs for curious PC players. Full details can be found in the developer's announcement tweet, but the not-entirely-outlandish recommended specs require an Intel Core i7-4790 or AMD Ryzen 3 3200G, 12GB memory, a GTX 1060 6GB or Radeon R9 Fury, and 70GB of SSD storage. So there you go.

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