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How to fast travel and how to unlock fast travel locations in Cyberpunk 2077

How to get around Night City quickly with fast travel.

Cyberpunk 2077 fast travel allows you to get around the map much faster and easier than going by foot or using a vehicle.

Night City, as you'll soon discover, is vast - and though it offers some stunning vistas when you travel by freeway, sometimes you want to get to a particular district as soon as possible.

The ability to fast travel is unlocked as soon as you are able to explore Night City in Act 1 of Cyberpunk 2077 - albeit in a lockdown state - though using the system isn't as easy as selecting a point to go to from the map screen.

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How to use fast travel in Cyberpunk 2077

Fast travel - and the ability to explore Night City freely - isn't available until you have completed the life path-specific prologue and begin Act 1.

From here, go to one of the main fast travel terminals in the city. These are indicated by the blue pin on the map screen, and in-game, by a console with a projection of a map above it.

Travel there, and interact with it. Now select one of the fast travel points you have unlocked, and within a few seconds, you'll jump to that location.

The important thing to note with the fast travel system is you cannot fast travel from anywhere in the city by browsing the map screen alone. Though it shows fast travel points, the ability to fast travel requires you to physically make your way to one of those dataterms first.

Then, from there, you can fast travel.

How to unlock fast travel points in Cyberpunk 2077

To unlock additional fast travel points is simple - you have to have reached the node you wish to travel to first. You don't have to physically use it first - provided you are within proximity (at a mid-distance which is fairly generous) it will then be added to your map.

This means the more you explore, the more you're able to return to using fast travel. Playing main story missions is perhaps the best way to do this, gently introducing you to more areas of Night City, so you understand the layout more naturally.

However, if you want to, you can simply start exploring freely and unlock nodes as you come into them - whatever works for you.

Either way, note that the starting area of Watson is in lockdown during Act 1 - so however you decide to play, you can only explore so far to begin with.

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