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Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsycho Sighting locations and strategies explained

How to take down all the Cyberpsycho mini-bosses across the city.

Cyberpsycho Sightings in Cyberpunk 2077 are contract-style missions where you must take down a series of mini-bosses across Night City.

You'll be able to find 17 Cyberpsychos in total in Cyberpunk 2077, with some only becoming available after you've progressed past a certain point in the story.

We found the first Cyberpsycho jobs became available after completing the main mission 'The Rescue' in Act 1, where you'll be able to track this quest under the name 'Psycho Killer'.

On this page is where you will find all Cyberpsycho Sightings locations, strategies in defeating them, and how to defeat Cyberpyscho Sightings with non-lethal means early in the game.

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How to prepare for Cyberpsycho Sighting missions in Cyberpunk 2077, including non-lethal objectives

Before you start any Cyberpsycho Sightings, however, we recommend that you reach Act 2, then talk to the fixer Wakako in Japantown, where as a part of the quest The Gig after lockdown ends.

She'll give you a free mod that you can pick up from a ripperdoc named "Tattoo: Tyger Claws Dermal Imprint". This will allow you to use smart-targeting with Smart Weapons, which will come in handy when paired with the Target Analysis Cyberware mod for your Ocular System, which will make everything you do non-lethal.

Kit yourself out with Smart Weapons and this Cyberware mod, and you'll be able to take out all of these Cyberpsychos non-lethally, and with a bit of an edge due to the smart weapons.

Otherwise, we recommend for all Cyberpsycho Sightings unlocking System Reset, an incredibly powerful quickhack that will take almost every one of these Cyberpsychos down without even firing a single bullet.

You can find System Reset by crafting it with the required perk, or trying your luck with the many netrunner vendors in Night City.

Is there a final reward for completing all Cyberpsycho Sightings in Cyberpunk 2077?

Similar to Tarot Card locations, aside from unlocking a specific Achievement or Trophy (named I Am The Law) there doesn't seem to be any grand reward for taking down all of the Cyberpsychos.

Regina will ask you to meet at her office anyway, and after that, you'll have completed the 'Psycho Killer' quest.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsycho Sighting Ticket to the Major Leagues

Unlock Requirement: The Rescue.

Nearest Fast Travel Point: Clarendon Street.

Reward: 1050 Eurodollars.

Make your way to the waterfront and slowly approach after turning left. Scan the area to find a hackable surveillance camera, decrypt it and continue. Ideally, you'll want to turn off surveillance cameras and also add a vulnerability to the enemy here, too.

As you approach you'll see a corpse to loot. Crouch into stealth and make your way forward. You'll find a body being thrown, and then immediately go forward and left. Here, you'll be able to see the Cyberpsycho Alec Johnson while still under stealth. Here, you can apply quickhacks. We used Contagion to get a bit of damage on the outset.

Then, you'll find that he will jump over towards the Helipad. His rifle is incredibly deadly, and took us out in a single shot on our first attempt, so only shoot when it's safe. When in this mode, you can also use the quickhack Weapon Malfunction, then safely shoot him from a distance.

You don't want to get in close quarters with Alec Johnson, as they'll start to hit you with highly damaging Gorilla Arms.

Keep him at a distance, and if he closes it, make sure you can get away or quickhack his movement so he gets stuck in place. This arena is full of cover to hide behind, and quickhacks are a fantastic way to keep this predator at bay.

After you defeat him, you will be able to pick up his light machine gun, Defender, as well as a few Eddies and shards. Search the area for a few more shards and loot, then Call Regina afterwards and you'll have completed this Cyberpsycho sighting.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsycho Sighting Demons of War

Unlock Requirement: The Rescue.

Nearest Fast Travel Point: Charter St.

Reward: 1180 Eurodollars.

This Cyberpsycho is defending the end of an unfinished bridge. As you approach, you'll see a robot and Night City police officer get shot from a distance, before your target, Matt Liaw, runs off. Approach carefully, and try to not be seen by him.

He has quick dodges, as well as a hard-hitting sniper rifle. If you continue to shoot at him, he will also be able to quickly dodge, as well as having access to some pretty heavy submachine guns, which can kill you fairly quickly.

What we did is used a quickhack to stick him in place, where we could, as well as making good use of a smart sniper rifle to bend around his cover and quickly take him out from a distance, as he simply won't be able to keep up with the damage you're dealing to him, as the smart targeting will allow you to have some incredibly forgiving aiming, as well as dealing a significant amount of damage to him.

Stealth is another good option to deal with Matt Liaw, but we recommend staying far, far away, and making good use of your quickhacking to make him vulnerable to deadly shots with a long-ranged weapon, if you don't have access to a smart sniper rifle.

Stay under cover to avoid his sniper shots, and make use of quickhacks that deal damage over time like Overheat.

After taking him out, he'll drop an old Edgerunner Jacket, in addition to a couple of other weapons. Search the area at the end of the unfinished bridge until you find a closed computer in a shipping crate, open it and then you'll be able to message Regina to complete this Cyberpsycho Sighting.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsycho Sighting Lt Mower

Unlock Requirement: The Rescue.

Nearest Fast Travel Point: Bellevue Overwalk.

Reward: 1180 Eurodollars.

You'll unlock this Cyberpsycho Sighting upon reaching an area blocked off by Militech Vehicles, to get inside and face Mower, you'll want to zip to the other side of the street and across the river to enter the building.

Be warned as you approach, there are a few bodies to loot but as soon as you enter the main "boss" room, you'll get rushed by Mower's melee strikes. Retreat back into the corridor and she'll wander back to further away in the boss room, and get out her gun so you can then engage at range.

This is a good strategy for if you are taking heavy damage, just retreat back and her position will also reset. Be warned, though. Stray too far and she'll get all of her health back.

Here, you'll need to be aware of the electrical damage on the ground, as Mower is able to discharge and drop some significant elemental damage on you. From a distance take potshots at her, and seal her in place while exposed, this should give you enough time to dump some decent damage onto her, we recommend going with a powered rifle, and making use of quickhacks to also do damage over time through the use of Overheat.

Just be sure to stay at range, making Mower use her ranged weapons, as Melee can quickly overwhelm you.

With Mower down, she'll drop some decent loot as well as the shard necessary to complete this Cyberpsycho Sighting. Drop Regina a message to get your eddies.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsycho SightingBloody Ritual

Unlock Requirement: Playing for Time.

Nearest Fast Travel Point: Docks.

Reward: 1180 Eurodollars.

This Cyberpsycho encounter is a little bit more challenging than the previous ones that we've encountered thus far. Be sure you're stocked up with restoratives before entry, as this can get hairy incredibly quickly.

As you approach, Regina will give you a call, then, you'll see bodies surrounded by a bathtub, and Johnny Silverhand will appear to you.

First, scan everything in the area, then approach the Maelstrom member who is still alive and loot his corpse, after he dies. This will give you an encrypted shard.

The shard is very easily decrypted, read it and then scan the area more until Silverhand appears again, revealing a corpse to you. This might not be immediate, as was the case in our game, so be patient when waiting for this to pop, he'll then alert you to the Cyberpsycho, who will awaken from the center of the arena.

Remember Defender, the Power Light Machine Gun we picked up from the first Cyberpsycho we encountered? Equip it, as this will be essential in how we defeated the speedy Zaria Hughes. She disrupts your optics, then rushes you with her Mantis Blades, dealing heavy damage.

However, the cheese method for this is very, very simple. Simply kite Zaria around the tub from which she emerged, blasting her with Defender.

Her melee pattern is relatively easy to dodge, as she'll do two swipes, then a heavy lunge, where you will want to walk back 90 degrees, where she won't be able to hit you. If she disrupts your optics, don't panic and keep firing away. She will attempt to dodge these, but attrition is the best method here.

If you find yourself needing a bit of extra damage, the Contagion quickhack came in useful here, and allowed us to disrupt her melee flurries and get a few more hits in.

Be sure to keep passively healing yourself while kiting her in order to make sure you keep your health up if you get swiped by her, and after a while she'll drop dead, dropping another shard that you'll want to read. After this, message Regina to get your reward.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsycho Sighting Where The Bodies Hit The Floor

Unlock Requirement: The Rescue.

Nearest Fast Travel Point: Pershing St.

Reward: 1300 Eurodollars.

This Cyberpsycho is a pretty simple fight, with not many frills attached. To take down Ellis Carter, just follow the map, and down to an enclosed corner to the right at the bottom of the alleyway that you approach it from. Be sure to pick up any shards from the corpses along the way, and stealth your way towards Ellis.

Then, you can either do a stealth takedown on him, if you're sufficiently skilled enough, or you can begin your quickhacks. After he's been alerted, Ellis will attack using his melee weaponry, and quickly dodge through any flurry of bullets that might be thrown his way.

We recommend making good use of the Cripple Movement quickhack to stop him in his tracks, then bust out your most powerful weapon and wail on him for the duration that he's stopped.

A shotgun is best-suited for this fairly easy fight, the arena is also littered with explosives that you can overload using quickhacks, or blow up using your gun, which will also deal a fair amount of damage to him. He goes down very easily.

After he's down, you'll want to read the shard you loot off of him, and then call Regina for your reward.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsycho Sighting Six Feet Under

Unlock Requirement: The Rescue.

Nearest Fast Travel Point: Ebunike Docks.

Reward: 1300 Eurodollars.

You'll be able to find this Cyberpsycho near some empty Maelstrom cars. One will drive off, and then you'll be able to enter, scanning the dead corpses of the Maelstrom members along the way. Turn to the right and towards the end of the train tracks.

Here, you will be able to lure Lely Hein out of cover using a quickhack on one of the machines. You can choose to stealth it if you're brave enough, or blow up the device you've distracted them to.

Hein is a ranged sniper, so we would recommend being aggressive and hunting them down when they're running for cover. For this, we used a smart shotgun at close range, as Hein opts to run away as you get near. We do not recommend trying to out-snipe them unless you have a ranged sniper rifle.

It's a lot quicker, and easier to get the job done if you head within melee ranges and use your weapon(s) of choice.

If you get hit by their sniper, duck for cover, and then flush Hein out using a grenade, or quickhack distractions. Afterwards, you're able to loot a shard from them. Read that, then message Regina for a reward.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsycho Sighting Smoke on the Water

Unlock Requirement: The Rescue.

Nearest Fast Travel Point: Pacifica Pier.

Reward: 2170 Eurodollars.

Set right next to the Pacifica Pier fast-travel point, you'll want to walk up the pier, which is littered with dead bodies, until you scan and approach a particular NPC, which we've shown below. Pick up the shard and then proceed further to be met with Diego Ramirez.

Ramirez is quick, and has the ability to quickly blast you down with his shotgun, so a careful approach will be much more effective than trying to outgun him. We recommend use of a Power Sniper Rifle, or use of quickhacks that disable his weapons and movement. Or, alternatively, if you have access to System Reset, you'll be able to take him out nonlethally in one strike.

Read the shard and pick up the loot on his body, then message Regina to complete this Cyberpsycho mission.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsycho Sighting Lex Talionis

Unlock Requirement: Transmission.

Nearest Fast Travel Point: Grand Imperial Mall.

Reward: 1050 Eurodollars.

You'll find this Cyberpsycho near an underpass in the Grand Imperial Mall. Once arriving at the marked destination you'll be able to open the shutter to a netrunner den, guarded by several cameras, security drones and robots.

We recommend that you first do a breach protocol on one of the cameras, then disable them either via a quickhack or by shooting them. Then, you'll find two drones pop up. Use EMP Grenades, or the quickhack Short Circuit to make quick work of these. Then, you'll want to use Contagion on the two robots on the far side of the arena.

Spaceboy himself is a bit of a pushover, so dispatch of him however you see fit. Then, proceed towards his computer at the end of the room and read the messages.

Then, you'll be able to message Regina to wrap it up and get your eddies.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsycho Sighting The Wasteland

Unlock Requirement: The Rescue.

Nearest Fast Travel Point: Wraith Camp.

Reward: 2170 Eurodollars.

You'll be able to trigger this Cyberpsycho sighting by Driving through the badlands and seeing a hijacked truck. Inspect the area around the truck to find a blood trail, leading to a small area, we've added an image for you, if you get lost.

Once there, Euralio Alma will be in a powered suit, meaning that rushing in might not be the best of ideas. If you head to the right of the entrance, then you'll be able to get behind him while patrolling and throw an EMP Grenade, or use the Short Circuit quickhack to hamper him.

He will then attempt to chase you down once alerted, so keep your distance and make use of the cover and explosives in the area to take him down. Loot him afterwards, and then call up Regina for a reward.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsycho Sighting Second Chances

Unlock Requirement: The Rescue.

Nearest Fast Travel Point: Old Turbines.

Reward: 2170 Eurodollars.

After arriving on the scene, you'll be able to find tire tacks, leading up to a small outcrop with a building on top. This Cyberpsycho, Zion Wylde will be able to spot you from afar, so we recommend that you keep your distance, and stray from the trail, but still head towards the building. Use the cover of nearby buildings to get a lock on him. We've popped the location below for you.

Once Zion has his eyes on you, you'll want to pick him off in a sniper duel, or use a quickhack such as system reset to take him out instantly. For those of you who would want to close the distance, beware! The approach towards his lookout is also littered with explosive mines. Once defeated, pick up and read the shard on him, and message Regina once again for your reward.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsycho Sighting House on a Hill

Unlock Requirement: The Rescue.

Nearest Fast Travel Point: Mobile Camp.

Reward: 2170 Eurodollars.

For this one, you'll be heading to a fortified bunker, ridden with drones, mines and the deadly Cyberpsycho Russel Greene. Before heading in, kit yourself out with Short Circuit and System Reset quickhacks, as it'll make this a lot easier.

If you follow where we approached on the map above, there's a back entrance where you will be able to disable security cameras, and deal with the drones by use of the Short Circuit quickhack. If you don't have it, EMP grenades and Electrical damage will help you take them down.

Be sure to also shoot or turn off the camera system, and be aware if you're also approaching from the front, the gate is ridden with explosive mines.

From there, if Greene spots you, he'll quickly dash towards your location, with an incredibly powerful shotgun. As he takes aim, jump in place, then scan him. If you're able to keep an eye on him and quickhack into System Reset, he'll be down very quickly.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsycho Sighting On Deaf Ears

Unlock Requirement: The Rescue.

Nearest Fast Travel Point: Downtown Central.

Reward: 2850 Eurodollars.

Cedric Muller is a Cyberpsycho dwelling in a parking lot near Downtown Central. Head in to find corpses and clues left in his wake before proceeding down. You'll eventually come to a cordoned off area, full of cover and distractions for you to use when facing Muller down.

Again, the quickhack System Reset comes in very handy here and will down him in one strike, otherwise we'd recommend that you keep him at a distance, as his powerful shotgun blasts are incredibly powerful. Go in with a Smart Precision Rifle, or Power Sniper Rifle to hit through his cover quickly. If you need some respite, use a quickhack to also jam his weaponry up for a moment.

Once down, you'll be able to find two shards, one on Cedric's body, and another over on a corpse nearby. Read them both and then you can call Regina for your reward.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsycho Sighting The Phantom of Night City

Unlock Requirement: The Rescue.

Nearest Fast Travel Point: Halsey and MLK.

Reward: 2850 Eurodollars.

This one is a bit strange, when outside of the Night City Center for Behavioural Health, Regina will give you a ring about a Cyberpsycho, Norio Akuhara. Head into the alleyway and you may find him placed on top of a platform.

From there, the quest will pop for The Phantom of Night City. Akuhara has an extremely powerful Katana, and moves very quickly, so we recommend stunting his movement and picking him off at range, or using the ever-handy System Reset.

Just be aware that if you use System Reset while he's placed on top of the platform, it may count as a lethal kill. Make liberal use of quickhacks and attempt to keep Akuhara at a distance and you'll have no issues whatsoever.

Sweep up the shards as usual, and you'll be able to contact Regina for your reward, in addition to there being some pretty good gear nearby.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsycho Sighting Seaside Cafe

Unlock Requirement: The Rescue.

Nearest Fast Travel Point: Parque Del Mar.

Reward: 2910 Eurodollars.

This Cyberpsycho is incredibly dangerous if you get spotted, so pack up the System Reset quickhack with you before you come. As you approach the Seaside cafe, take the stairs down, where you'll be able to see Dao Hyunh and take her down. If you do not have access to System Reset, then consider your most powerful Sniper Rifle, or other quickhacks to lock her in place for a quick victory.

After she's down, from your position, there will be a corpse holding a shard. Pick it up and read it. Then, head back to where you took down Dao Hyunh and inspect her body for a shard. The bride will also be holding a shard that you'll need to read. After that, message Regina for your reward.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsycho Sighting Letter of the Law

Unlock Requirement: The Rescue.

Nearest Fast Travel Point: Parque Del Mar.

Reward: 2910 Eurodollars.

This Cyberpsycho has a garage that's packed to the gills with traps, if you want a non-lethal option, navigate this small labyrinth by remotely deactivating all of the lasers and explosive mines. On your approach, you'll find the Cyberpsycho Gaston Phillips.

Quickhack him using a system reset if possible, if not, get up close with a blunt melee weapon, as using a gun in this arena is likely to set off the explosives and kill Gaston wholesale.

He hits hard, but it's manageable if you carefully stunt his weapons or movement using quickhacks when you can. Once he's down, you can pick up a few shards scattered in the arena, and off his body. Then use the computer to complete the mission.

Call Regina, then you'll be on your merry way.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsycho Sighting Discount Doc

Unlock Requirement: The Rescue.

Nearest Fast Travel Point: Rancho Coronado.

Reward: 2290 Eurodollars.

Chase Coley is another Cyberpsycho with access to a power armour, but this time we've got an advantage by the way of the arena in which we're fighting him in. Head up top and then you'll be quickly able to locate Coley. Approach in stealth and throw an EMP grenade or Short Circuit to hamper his power armour skills.

He'll fire charged potshots at you from above, which you will be able to easily move out of the way of, and fire off shots of your own with a Precision Rifle or similar type of weapon. He'll pretty much get stuck in place here, so it's an easy cheese strategy to take this one down.

Once down, you'll want to scour the area for three things; A shard on a nearby corpse, a shard on Coley himself, and the laptop inside the building.

After this, you'll be able to message Regina for your reward.

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsycho Sighting Too Little, Too Late

Unlock Requirement: The Rescue.

Nearest Fast Travel Point: Hargreaves Street.

Reward: 2540 Eurodollars.

This Cyberpsycho is near a homeless encampment that you're able to scout out. If you have the double jump mod, you'll quickly be able to hop up and over a fence on the perimeter as we show. Below. There, you'll be met with two turrets that we recommend you quickly put on friendly mode.

Then, be aware that Tamara Cosby will soon be after you. As a netrunner, she'll be able to use quickhacks on you. She's not particularly tough, especially at close range. So, we recommend that you go in guns blazing, as that'll also disrupt her quickhacks.

This one is a very easy takedown, especially if you're able to counter her quickhacks with the old reliable System Reset, which will take her out instantly. From there, you'll want to pick up shards scattered in the area, and from Cosby.

After that, drop Regina a message for your reward.

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