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Cyberpunk 2077 Tarot Card locations for Fool on the Hill explained

How to track down all graffiti locations across the city.

Tarot locations are one of several optional side-quests in Cyberpunk 2077.

Part of the Fool on the Hill side mission, this is the closest to collectables the game offers - having you track down 20 Tarot graffiti locations, each representing a different Tarot card.

This quest unlocks a Cyberpunk 2077 Achievement or Trophy, so for completionists, it's worth adding to your to-do list. Either way, even without fast travel, it took us around 90 minutes to complete from beginning to end.

If it's Dogtown graffiti you're hunting for, check out our Phantom Liberty Tarot Card locations page instead.

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For help with various Cyberpunk 2077 system explainers, we have pages on XP and levelling and money making.

How to start Fool on the Hill and Tarot locations in Cyberpunk 2077 explained

To start searching for Tarot locations, begin Act 2, and return to your apartment. Just to the side of the front door, Johnny and V will notice the graffiti is shimmering.

This begins the Fool on the Hill quest, which has you visit Misty (and optionally Viktor) to get an idea of what might be happening. From there, the side quest has you track down the remaining locations.

To 'collect' a Tarot location, scan it with the LB / L1 button, until it's added to your collection. You can search for them in any order, with no time limit on hunting them down. Feel free to do them in one sitting - taking less than 90 minutes in our experience - or chip away at them as you visit new locations, as it could be easier to wait until more fast travel points are unlocked.

All Tarot locations will be available on your map when you start the quest, represented by a card symbol. Of course, they might be hard to spot amongst all the other locations littered across the map, not to mention you having to scour the map to find them to begin with - which is where this page comes in handy.

Are there any rewards for completing the Fool on the Hill's Tarot locations in Cyberpunk 2077?

Similar to completing Cyberpsycho Sighting locations, beyond unlocking a specific Cyberpunk 2077 Achievement or Trophy there is no end reward for completing Fool on the Hill.

There is, however, an additional cutscene with Misty back at her shop in Watson where - slight spoilers ahead - she talks vaguely about V's future, with the cards alluding to the possible Cyberpunk 2077 endings.

Cyberpunk 2077 Tarot locations in Watson explained

The Fool

This one is outside your apartment, and likely the first you'll find. Remember there's a fast travel point next to your front door named Megabuilding H10: Atrium you can use.

The Emperor

This one is in the south of the Arasaka Waterfront region to the west, at the front gates of Konpeki Plaza.

It's about 100m north of the California and Cartwright fast travel point, if you have unlocked it.

The Magician

This graffiti is painted on the underside of a bridge opposite Lizzie's Bar, on the border between Kabuki and Little China.

It's just south of the Sutter St fast travel point, if you have unlocked it.

The Sun

The Sun is found somewhat south in Little China, not far from your apartment complex, just outside of a tunnel.

The Empress

This is in the south, at the Afterlife bar. Head inside, going down a flight of stairs underground, and behind the bouncer, you'll see the graffiti on a shutter.

Scan it from over his shoulder to add it to your collection.

The Chariot

In the south part of Little China - not far north from Afterlife - is Tom's Diner.

Head inside, and turn left as soon as you enter, to find the graffiti tucked away in a corner.

The World

Go to the little alley between Misty's and Viktor's. (If you forget the exact location, the nearest fast travel point is Bradbury and Buran.)

In this alley, there's an elevator off to the side. Head up to the roof.

From here, go outside. As soon as you do, turn left to find the graffiti on the wall.

Cyberpunk 2077 Tarot locations in Japan Town explained

The Hierophant

In the north-west of the region, just before one of the bridges into Little China, is the Japan Town West fast travel point.

Next to this is a yellow walkway. Take it, then use the ladder down so you're next to the river.

To the left as soon as you head down is a tunnel filled with garbage. The graffiti is on the wall just inside to the left.

Cyberpunk 2077 Tarot locations in North Oak explained

The Lovers

This one is found in Silver Pixel Cloud Night City - an isolated drive-in theatre to the very north of North Oak.

It's a bit of a pain to reach in the first instance - you might have to navigate a series of nasty road junctions in Japan Town to get there if you're coming in from the centre of the city - and when you arrive, you'll find that the entrance is locked.

To get the drive-in theatre passcode, check the computer in the office, log in as Guest 02, then read the message titled Severance, learning the code is 0000.

Once inside, look behind the cinema screen to find the graffiti.

The Moon

Head to Arasaka Estate in the middle of North Oak. (There's a fast travel point here if you have already unlocked it.)

Go left of the front gates to find the graffiti painted on the compound wall.


In the south of North Oak is the Columbarium.

Go inside, and just to the right, is the graffiti location.

Cyberpunk 2077 Tarot locations in Santo Domingo explained


In the north-west of the region is a shipping yard, just off the road next to the San Amaro St fast travel point.

As you enter from the north, is an outhouse to your right.

The graffiti is painted to the side of this structure.


In the north of Arroyo is a compound with a silo next to an Electric Corporation warehouse. You can see the graffiti on the side of the silo from the street - you just need to find a way to enter.

There's a few ways to do so - including requiring Technical Ability or Body attributes to open a door or gate respectively from the street. However, you can climb up some crates to the left and enter a doorway to the left instead.

Once inside, you can walk around and scan the silo. Watch out for the camera inside - though you should be able to get in and out without any trouble.

Cyberpunk 2077 Tarot locations in Haywood explained

The High Priestess

In east Hayward, in the north-west side of Vista Del Ray, is an abandoned apartment building.

You'll know this is the right place as it'll come up on the screen as you enter.

Go up the staircase to your right to floor three, and the graffiti will be on the wall to the right as you emerge.


In the north of The Glen you'll find Embers.

From the entrance, go left round the corner, to find the graffiti on the wall.

Cyberpunk 2077 Tarot locations in City Center explained

The Tower

Head to the west of Arasaka Tower, where you'll find an area of remembrance.

Inside, go through the red-lit corridor. Now scan the graffiti on the left through the glass. This will add to the tarot to your location.

Cyberpunk 2077 Tarot locations in Pacifica explained

The Hermit

Head to the middle of the Coastview area of Pacifica, where you'll find the Chapel fast travel point.

Here is where you'll find the El Dorado Pawn Shop, with the graffiti on the wall just to the left, on another building.

Cyberpunk 2077 Tarot locations in the Badlands / outside city limits explained

The Hanged Man

This one is in an unnamed region north of Watson. Find the water tower just off a junction, and scan the graffiti on the east side.

You should be able to do so from the ground - if not, there's a ladder on the west side you can use to climb up and get a little closer.

The Wheel of Fortune

Just as you enter the Badlands to the east from Santo Domingo is the Sunset Motel.

From the front, on the ground floor, you can see the graffiti painted on a back wall between rooms 103 and 104.

The Star

Head to the Solar Arrays to the south east of Night City.

Specifically, you'll want to go to the radio tower, which has the Solar Arrays fast travel point next to it. At the base of the tower is the graffiti painted on the side of a small building.

With all 20 Tarot Card locations found in the base game, you can continue your graffiti hunt with the Tomorrow Never Knows quest in Phantom Liberty, and for help with various Cyberpunk 2077 system explainers, we have pages on XP and levelling and money making.

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