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Crysis expansion announcement soon?

Crytek too busy to do any patches.

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Crytek has told its fans there will be no more patches for Crysis because it has its hands full making something that "will be appreciated by the community".

Word appeared in the first official monthly update, where the developer said sorry and promised more information on its secretive project "very, very soon".

"At this time, there almost certainly will not be a patch 1.3 delivered for Crysis. We are aware that this news will disappoint many of you, and we would like to apologize profusely," said Crytek.

"There is a good reason for this and we hope you understand when you hear more about the reasons why in the very, very near future. Please realize this was an extremely difficult decision, but please do know that we are listening to your comments and are making more consistent community support a high priority.

"We are confident that the things we are working on will be appreciated by the community, and we hope for your continued support."

Earlier this year Crytek apparently filed a trademark to protect the name Crysis Warhead, adding to its Crysis Wars and World In Crysis stable of names. Publisher EA was unavailable for comment.

Crysis is a shooter where you trek through jungle into the heart of a hostile alien-populated area, using your futuristic super-armour to lift up vehicles and behave like a superhero.

It scored well but struggled to sell bucket-loads, resulting in Crytek blaming piracy and vowing to drop its PC-exclusive focus in the future.

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