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Country in Rock Band "sooner or later"

Not necessarily December, despite report.

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Harmonix has said that Rock Band will have country music "sooner or later" after Country Music Television reported that "select country tracks" would be released in December.

CMT, which broadcasts in the US, ended a snippet about the second game thus: "And country music fans, don't feel left out. In December, Rock Band 2 will have select country tracks available to download."

As GameSpot notes in its report, where we spotted this, the CMT bit provoked 31 pages of rambling on the Rock Band forums, before HMXHenry from the developer stepped in with an official response.

"As with any announcement/advertisement/rumour/'leak' that comes from anywhere other than these forums, please don't get all worked up about something unless it's officially been announced by HMX," he said.

"Until then it's safe to say that anything else you hear should be taken with a grain of salt." Apart from all those times when it's turned out to be true, obviously.

"Furthermore, this thread blows my mind. With so many genres represented in Rock Band already, why would the addition of Country be such a huge shock?

"We'll have Country in RB sooner or later. Ideally we'll have all the various sub-genres that people are clamoring for (hardcore punk, goth, ska, etc) eventually. We haven't shut the door on anything."

Excellent, because what we really want is Kylie. Surely they can at least mine that period when she was doing Nick Cave?

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