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Cosmochoria to colonise PS4 in 2016

Roguelite deep space genre mash-up to make its console debut.

Roguelite space arcade adventure Cosmochoria is coming to PS4 next year.

The Cosmochoria PS4 port is being handled by Curve Digital, who previously ported Proteus, The Swapper and Thomas Was Alone to Sony's platform.

Starring a naked astronaut equipped with only a jetpack and helmet, you must boost around the cosmos planting flora, fending off predators, and discovering the mysteries of this ass end of the universe.

Mechanically Cosmochoria ranges from a thrust-based Astroids-style arcade affair to a retro platformer, to an ecological crafting game of constructing gardens, buildings and weapons.

"I was so moved by such a powerful experience playing Journey that I thought, 'what if I could somehow get that raw feeling of wonder and curiosity into what appears - on the surface - to be a simple arcade game?'" said developer Nate Schmold on the PlayStation Blog.

"Cosmochoria is the result of that thinking. It is a smorgasbord of game mechanics, from free floating thrust-based space travel akin to classic space shooters like Asteroids, to run and jump mechanics reminiscent of Mario Bros or Donkey Kong, in amidst that madness are additional layers of building and planting systems that, when combined, bring a truly unique flavour to the universe of Cosmochoria."

And unique it is. Schmold's roguelite even lets you destroy evil naked clones of Pewdiepie.

Our Chris Donlan really enjoyed the end result when he reviewed Cosmochoria earlier this year upon its PC, Mac and Linux release. "Cosmochoria may well become my go-to game when I've finally exhausted Spelunky," Donlan said. "It's deadly and riddled with secrets, and that makes it perfect for a quick race-to-the-death (my own) every morning before opening Gmail."

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