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COD4 Variety pack free for PC

Thanks for waiting two months.

The Variety Map Pack for Call of Duty 4 is finally available on PC.

It arrives two months after the Xbox 360 bundle, but is being offered for free as a result of a sponsorship deal with graphics card specialist NVIDIA.

Of the pack, both Creek and Chinatown are the highlights; arenas we could see ourselves heading back to again and again with a fresh masterplan. Joining them are Killhouse and Broadcast, which are by no means bad, but meant the score settled on 7/10 when we took a look at them.

Alongside the PC map pack will be patch 1.6, which fixes a server crash exploit and numerous bugs as well as adds a flurry of additional bits and bobs.

Call of Duty 4 recently passed the 10 million sales mark across all platforms around the world. The Xbox 360 version was apparently most popular and has recently reclaimed its crown as the most played game on Live.

To celebrate, Infinity Ward is holding a double experience weekend on both PS3 and 360 this weekend, starting today and ending on Monday.