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Chivalry 2 lets you keep fighting with missing limbs

It's just a flesh wound!

Torn Banner has announced Chivalry 2 for release in early 2020, and first on the Epic Games Store. It will come to other PC stores like Steam after a year, according to the Chivalry 2 website.

The medieval fighting sequel expands on every area of the game - it's built in Unreal Engine 4, combat has been revamped, there's mounted combat, and the sandbox is broader (you can set fire to chickens and throw them around, you monster, or you can catapult corpses across battlefields).

But the best new feature, clearly, is the ability to keep fighting even with missing limbs! It goes hand in hand with the new enhanced player expressions and over the top reactions, so you can scream and shout as you make your last bloody stand.

More specific details, for those wanting them, can be found in the Chivalry 2 FAQ.

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