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Champions Online to link to paper RPG

Original game will follow Cryptic's MMO.

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Speaking to SuperheroFlix, the creator of the original superhero RPG - tabletop game Champions - has said it will tie-in closely with Cryptic's MMO version, Champions Online.

Cryptic, which developed NCsoft's City of Heroes and began work on the cancelled Marvel Universe Online for Microsoft, now owns the Champions intellectual property and can do what it likes with it, said Long. "If they see something they like in our books, they can use it as-is; if they see something they want to change, they can change it," he said.

However, the development of original Champions will now follow what Cryptic does with its PC and console game. "Going forward, as we publish more Champions setting books we'll follow what Cryptic does... You'll see this in the two Champions books we're publishing this summer... In both cases this will be the first time the public sees a lot of art from Champions Online and learns some of the secrets of the setting," Long said.

"It's a 'sneak peek' nearly a year before the game's launch," he said, confirming that Champions Online is expected to launch in mid-2009.

A sixth edition of the game rules will be published next year, "rebooting" the paper RPG so it's fully in line with Cryptic's game, Long revealed.

Expect more news on Champions Online, and first-hand impressions of the game, from E3 next week.

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