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Celeste leads Humble Games' Pixel Pride bundle

Boyfriend Dungeon! Super Lesbian Animal RPG!

Humble Games has released a new bundle of LGBT+ games for Pride Month.

Pixel Pride consists of seven games, including the celebrated Celeste and Boyfriend Dungeon.

The bundle is available at any price, with funds raised going to The Trevor Project.

Celeste Launch TrailerWatch on YouTube

Celeste is a wonderful platformer that explores mental health (I recently spoke with its composer, Lena Raine), while Boyfriend Dungeon is a dungeon crawler where you date the weapons - it even had free DLC with designs from Ikumi Nakamura.

Other games include the recently released Super Lesbian Animal RPG, plus Growing Up, Later Alligator, Bad End Theater, and Get in the Car, Loser!.

The Trevor Project is a charity supporting LGBT+ youth with the mission to end suicide among gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning young people.

More information on the bundle can be found on the Humble Bundle website.

What's more, yesterday Humble launched its Humble Choice bundle for June, which includes Ghostwire: Tokyo among others. Funds raised from this will also go to the Trevor Project.

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