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Celeste developer's missing Game Awards trophy turns up on eBay

The lost strawberry.

The developers of Celeste have been reunited with their Game Awards trophy after it turned up on eBay.

Spotted by PC Gamer, YouTuber PrestigeIsKey is a big fan of Geoff Keighley's award show and was looking for a replica trophy.

Instead, he found an actual award on eBay for $500. The seller said the award "came from one of our liquidation sources, other than that we don't have any other information on the origin of this item".

PrestigeIsKey had his bid of $375 accepted. Once the trophy arrived, he checked the bottom to find out it was the award for Best Independent Game won by Celeste developer Extremely OK Games in 2018.

He then contacted the team to check if the award went missing.

It turns out they never received their award once it was handed over at the ceremony. It was taken off them and, presumably because of miscommunication, was never sent out.

PrestigeIsKey agreed to send the trophy back to Extremely OK Games; in return the team will now reimburse his money and send some signed copies of Celeste.

On his channel, PrestigeIsKey then goes on to unbox the trophy - fans of The Game Awards should take a look!

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