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Celeste fully completed without dying

It's the climb.

Celeste has been 100 percent completed without a single death.

The platformer is notoriously tricky, even having overcoming adversity as its central theme as lead character Madeline climbs to the top of the titular mountain.

However, Twitch streamer Rickfernello took that a step further with a 100 percent deathless run of the game.

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"After a whole year, and after over 600 hours of practice, I finally did the world's first Celeste 100 percent deathless run!" he tweeted, with a video of the run's final moments.

"This was definitely the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. Thank you everyone on this community for always being so kind to me."

Rickfernello showcases a huge amount of skill on the Twitch stream, while remaining calm and composed throughout - at least until the final moments of excitement, the chat going wild.

The run includes all strawberries across all levels. Impressive stuff!

Celeste creator Maddy Thorson recently reflected on the game on its fourth anniversary, thanking the community for their support of the game.

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