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CD Projekt "hard at work" on Cyberpunk 2077's next major update, will arrive alongside next-gen version

Work on paid expansion "ongoing".

CD Projekt has provided an update on the continuing post-launch development of its troubled Cyberpunk 2077, confirming a "major update" is planned to launch alongside the game's long-awaited next-gen versions in Q1 2022.

As part of its third quarter 2021 report, CD Projekt said it's currently "hard at work" on Cyberpunk 2077's PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S versions - which were originally due to launch this year before the studio made the decision to push their release into early 2022 - and that these would be accompanied by a "major update" for all platforms.

CD Projekt is yet to detail what this will include, but Cyberpunk hasn't received an update since September's 1.31 release. Its first - and, to date, only - free DLC arrived with August's extensive 1.3 update, taking the form of two new jackets and a new car known as the Quartz Bandit.

Cover image for YouTube videoDF Direct Weekly #34: God of War PC, Witcher 3/Cyberpunk Next-Gen Patches, Apple M1 Pro/M1 Max!
DF Direct Weekly #34: Witcher 3/Cyberpunk Next-Gen Patches, God of War PC.

CD Projekt also re-confirmed work on Cyberpunk's first major paid expansion is "ongoing", as is the development of its next-gen version of The Witcher 3, promising the likes of ray-tracing and faster load times. The latter was, of course, also delayed out of this year, and is now expected to launch in the second quarter of 2022, meaning anytime between April and the end of June.

Despite previous delays, CD Projekt says the next-gen versions of Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3 are currently "on track to meet their target dates".

Elsewhere, the developer confirmed it has a number of new projects in the works, currently in the "exploratory" stages of development. It cites this early R&D work, along with Cyberpunk 2077's continued development, as contributing to a year-on-year reduction in net profits.

Despite Cyberpunk 2077's very public struggles since launch, CD Projekt has reported a 40% increase in quarterly revenues to 144 million PLN (around £26m). A recent 50 percent off promotion saw the embattled sci-fi RPG shooting to second place in Steam's top-selling games list, sparking a glut of freshly posted positive reviews from players.