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Catlateral Damage claws its way towards its Kickstarter goal

Hit the paws button.

First-person cat-sim Catlateral Damage is now on Kickstarter where it's a whisker's length from its $40K goal at $36,912. With 17 days to go before its 11th July deadline, it's as good as funded.

Astute readers will remember Catlateral Damage as a free browser game made for 7DFPS, the week-long first-person shooter game jam, where the prototype was so successful that developer Chris Chung knew it was his destiny to flesh it out into a commercial release.

While the original browser affair was set in one room, this full game will be a lot more comprehensive. The overall goal will be to infiltrate your neighbor's super secret safe and destroy its super secret contents. But first, you'll have to ransack every room you can on the way to this destructible macguffin.

Each room you encounter will be procedurally-generated, so you'll have to think on your paws if you're too cause the most property damage possible. Furthermore, you'll be able to unlock different cats with various unique properties. "Some cats jump higher than others, while other cats are stronger and can knock over heavier objects. Some cats prefer to destroy plants, while others hate electronics," Chung explained.

This full release will also have collectibles and power-ups. Munch on some catnip to become a stronger, friskier feline, while snagging cat toys will help you learn new abilities. Other new additions will include mice chasing, furball regurgitating, meowing, and snoozing in a box between stages.

Nippy, the original inspiration for Catlateral Damage.

Catlateral Damage's commercial release is due this November on PC, Mac, Linux and Ouya. Backers can reserve a copy for $12 or get early beta access for $20.

In the meantime, feel free to give the prototype a go and use your objective cuteness to give you complete immunity to all your destructive impulses. Rowr!

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